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Culture Shift: Mental Health Stigmas and America’s Epidemic


Veteran suicide is 57% higher than the national average and more than 120,000 veterans have died by suicide since 2001. Despite billions of dollars directed at the problem, the VA, DoD and other organizations haven’t been able to bend the suicide curve. Culture has and will always be the most powerful change agent, yet only now are we starting to think about stigma and the role culture plays in reducing suicide. This issue isn't limited to the military, the session will debunk current perceptions and address what we need to unlearn about treating suicide in American culture.

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  1. Understand the latest research addressing suicide prevention that will challenge conventional wisdom and what people think they know about suicide.
  2. Explore how AI, tech and other tools are enabling newly designed interventions to treat mental health and reduce suicide by up to 20%.
  3. Hear how upstream, community focused action will play a key role in destigmatizing mental health treatment and reducing suicide in the decade ahead.


  • Waco Hoover, Chair, Be The One, American Legion, American Legion
  • Dr. David Rudd, Former President, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Memphis
  • Craig Bryan, Director, Division of Recovery and Resilience Stress, Trauma And Resilience (STAR) Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Director, Trauma Program Director, Suicide Prevention Program, The Ohio State University
  • Seth Feuerstein, MD, Founder & CEO, Oui Therapeutics


Waco Hoover, Chair, Be The One, American Legion, American Legion National Headquarters

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