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How To Maintain Creative Integrity When Audiences Control Us


"Audience Capture" is the emergent, unspoken and dangerous phenomena when audiences, metrics and algorithms dictate the behavior of creators. This doesn't just apply to artists, but to anyone else who lives online... including you.

Creators were once in control, taking risks and moving culture. Today, an audience and algorithm determine what we make and how we show up. How may we strike equilibrium again?

By understanding the social science underpinning Audience Capture, we can see its effects and employ strategies to maintain our artistic integrity and more importantly, sanity.

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  1. What is the underlying social science and philosophical theory driving this phenomenon?
  2. What are the dangers here and how extreme can Audience Capture get?
  3. What are the strategies to resist the hypnotism and stay true to ourselves?


  • Matt Klein, Head of Global Foresight, Reddit


Matt Klein, Head Of Global Foresight, Reddit

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  • Event: SXSW
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