Leveraging AI to Increase Diverse Students' Motivation


AI is rapidly changing everything we know about how students engage and learn, but the exploration of AI as a low-cost solution to addressing disparities in diverse students' motivation and learning has just begun. Using information obtained from a review of 100+ studies on motivation in Black, Latino/a, and low-income students and expert perspectives, this session will explore prominent factors (e.g., belonging, teaching for relevance, and more) affecting diverse students’ motivation. Furthermore, the potential for, and ethics of, leveraging AI solutions will be discussed.

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  1. Participants will gain insight into individual, classroom, community, and systemic elements affecting diverse students' motivation and learning.
  2. Participants will learn key ways that AI may be ethically leveraged to increase motivation and engagement for diverse students.
  3. Participants will emerge with a vision of how AI may be used to forge the sense of connection and belonging needed for diverse students to thrive.


  • Eliana Whitehouse, Research and Evaluation Associate, EduDream


Eliana Whitehouse, Research And Evaluation Associate, EduDream

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