SXSW 2024

Is Wabi-Sabi Your Kemosabe? Your Brain-Gut Friendship 101


We know about gut health. Kefir Lovers, unite. But what if work stress blots out these fermented benefits?Don’t go all Lone Ranger on us now when we’re exploring the friendly impact the brain has on the gut. Enter stage left Dr Toribio-Mateas’ trailblazing new research into the brain-gut connection. Brain not happy? Neither is gut. Too many work weekends? All that kimchi’s been cancelled. VCCP and the University of Cardiff asked, "Can the brain impact the gut?” and can the Japanese Philosophy of Ma and Wabi-Sabi save the day? We’ll reveal the results in our groundbreaking research in Austin.

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  1. Learn how stress can kill the benefits of your kimchi: how stress, anxiety and self-sabotage can destroy our gut health and creativity
  2. Dive into the Japanese philosophy of ‘Ma’ and ‘Wabi-Sabi’ and learn how the practices of creating space and embracing imperfection might just save you
  3. Hear results from the world-premiere of our groundbreaking research: and learn how you can make changes in your life and your workplace.



Clare Hutchinson, Chief Strategy Officer, VCCP

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