SXSW 2024

From Fans to SuperFans: The New $$$ of Brand Experience


The glamour. The intimacy. The exclusivity. Broadcast sport promises all three but often fails with the intimacy. Until the Netflixification happened. Take their F1 show. It’s given fans unique access. But what really drives fan growth? What elevates the expectations of in-person experiences like no other? Event industry vet David Ball investigates these & more as he peaks inside the F1 Garage with Charlene Nyantekyi. Is the $ value of experience at an all-time high? Has F1 created a perfect storm for brands: new fans, greater insights, higher expectations and what do you exactly get with that $30K ticket?

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  1. The value opportunity for brands is no longer just the number of eyeballs, it’s where and when fans are looking as the emotional dopamine hits them.
  2. Fans will spend more for the right experience. Brands just need to show up in the right place at the right time and be contextually relevant.
  3. Brands muscling into a sport without context or relevance will suffer the wrath of fans as seen with Saudi investment moving into golf and cricket


  • David Ball, Founder & Chairman, BrandFuel
  • Charlene Nyantekyi, Head of Hospitality, Formula 1


David Ball, Founder & Chairman, BrandFuel

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