SXSW 2024

From Dutch DJ Sets to US creators: A One Way Pay-Street


The process of collecting royalties from DJ sets is a tricky one in the US. Data collection processes often obscure what songs are played at festivals, making it difficult for the creator to get paid what they’re due.

In The Netherlands, where electronic music is deeply woven into the social fabric, music creators have a firm grasp on their performance royalties collection, due to smart fingerprinting technology.

This is about the emancipation of the creator. Expect an expert moderator, a high performing creator and an international publisher to join the discussion.

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  1. Get Played, Get Paid: join the discussion about Music Recognition Technology for DJ sets and how it increases fairness and global succes.
  2. You may be missing out: the possible value is hundreds of dollars per play on festivals & big events. Let's create a level playing field worldwide.
  3. We need to close the gap between Europe and the US benefits all creators and the industry as a whole. The tech is in place: let's do this!


  • Daan Determeijer, Director Accountmanagement International, Buma/Stemra
  • Yuri Dokter, Founder, DJ Monitor


Annabel Heijen, Manager Marketing, Communications & Pr, BumaStemra

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