SXSW 2024

How Humanoid Robots Expand Our Potential In Space & On Earth


Space travel is filled with danger and daring as humanity explores new frontiers. As we reach deeper into space, we need technology capable of amplifying the off-world capabilities of our interstellar explorers. This fireside chat with NASA and Apptronik will dive into their partnership and joint development of humanoid robots designed to work with human astronauts to relieve them of dangerous tasks and expand mission possibilities. Attendees will learn about the history of humanoid robots, their role in the space program, and how this technology is fast becoming reality.

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  1. How humanoid robots will take on a role in space exploration that amplifies the ability of human astronauts (and protects them from dangerous tasks)
  2. In general, humanoid robots are here as a tool for humanity to use to raise itself up – not to cause harm
  3. Humanoid robots aren’t just for space but for helping humans here on Earth and that is already becoming a reality


  • Jeff Cardenas, Co-founder & CEO, Apptronik
  • Shaun Azimi, Dexterous Robotics Team Leader, Robotic Systems Technology Branch ER4, NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA


Barry Phillips, Chief Commercial Officer, Apptronik

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