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The first CRISPR foods have arrived


The scientists who developed CRISPR won the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry. The technology has been successfully deployed to develop life-saving therapeutics. The same process is now being applied to plants and could forever change what we eat and how it’s grown. Meet the scientists at the center of the next green revolution. They’re working to develop and grow gene-edited crops that can better withstand climate change, while improving nutrition and taste. Our panel will discuss the path to CRISPR adoption and debate the path to public acceptance. Pit-free cherries are around the corner.

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  1. In the face of climate change, farmers across the globe need crops with higher yields and greater adaptability. CRISPR crops are answering the call.
  2. Would you eat more cherries without the pits? CRISPR is making healthy foods more convenient and tastier, helping people make better eating choices.
  3. With CRISPR, we can rethink our resource intensive global food supply chain. Sustainable, plant-based alternatives can finally move to the center.



Sarah Evanega, Director, Stakeholder Communication, Pairwise

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