SXSW 2024

AR: Toy For Geeks or Tool For Brands?


Fancy VR headsets might be toys for early adopters, but AR-capable devices will soon outnumber TVs. When ad creative Jules Vizard started to experiment with AR filters, he soon racked up a billion TikTok views, picking up fans like Lizzo and footballer Ian Wright. But how do brands and businesses grab a slice of this action, and what is the real value when they do?
First-of-its-kind research with System1 looks deeper than vanity metrics - likes and views - to measure the brand impact of AR that marketers really care about. Discover the power and the pitfalls of AR and what it means for you.

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  1. Augmented experiences are proven to powerfully boost brand equity.
  2. A richer brand world means a more effective augmented experience.
  3. Creating space for your audience to inhabit and debate your brand's characters and worlds drives significantly higher engagement.


  • Dan Hulse, Chief Strategy Officer, St Luke's
  • Yasmine Zavahir, Vice President, Americas, System1
  • Julian (Jules) Vizard, Creative Partner, St Luke's
  • Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer, System1


Jessica Gibb, Chief Marketing Officer, St Luke's

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: XR & Metaverse
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