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Legal Implications of AI: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


AI is not a singular technology - it has multiple types and forms and each is unfolding and evolving with capabilities as yet to be explored. That said, we are witnessing explosive growth in the technology, consequently we will continue to discover and explore both amazing opportunities and frightening challenges. Today, the law is struggling to keep up - to protect the creative works of talented individuals, but also to enable continued innovation and exploitation of this awesome technology. So let's get real, not artificial, augmented or virtual and talk about what you need to know - today!

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  1. What opportunities and what challenges do the film, television, music, art, literary industries face and how does the law apply today (and in future)?
  2. How can celebrities, sports figures, creative artists and talented professionals use the law to protect their rights, simultaneously exploiting them?
  3. Is trying to pass laws regulating AI possible or are we trying to change a tire on a moving vehicle. AI can't predict where we go-maybe we should try.



Joseph Rosenbaum, Partner, Rimon, P.C.

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