The Invisible Barrier to Economic Mobility


Let’s shatter the myth! While a 4-year degree can signal knowledge in a certain field, more than half the workforce is Skilled Through Alternate Routes (STARs), including through community college, credentialing, work experience, and military service. 60% of Black, 55% of Hispanic, 66% of rural, and 61% of veteran workers are STARs. The paper ceiling is the invisible barrier keeping workers without a bachelor's degree out of higher-paying, family-sustaining jobs. Let's shatter this barrier!

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  1. Discover why a college degree is not necessary for many of today's skilled jobs
  2. Hear firsthand from STARS - 2 of the 4 panel members don't have a 4-year degree and all are successful in their careers
  3. Learn what can be done to level the playing field -- letting people be hired on their skills -- and increase economic mobility



Ramona Schindelheim, Editor-in-Chief, WorkingNation

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