SXSW 2023

Athletes, Music and Cannabis; Bringing Weed Culture


For far too long, marijuana use and those who consumed it, held a less than favorable perception with the mainstream masses and media. This panel will explore how major names in music and sports have utilized their voices, platforms and experience to help destigmatize weed, while also building their own empire in cannabis. Moderated by Forbes Cannabis journalist, Lindsey Bartlett, the panel will include Ricky Williams, former NFL great and founder of Highsman and the founders of Jeeter, the #1 pre-roll cannabis brand in the US, to talk about leveraging the power of collaboration and experience to change the conversation. We will be locking in a major name in music (likely Fisher) and possible NBA great, Dwayne Wade. Both Ricky Williams and DWade collaborated with Jeeter on a special drop

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  1. How creative marketing, high touch customers experiences and industry collaborations have provided a path to success. Touching on hits and misses.
  2. Cannabis is competitive, margins are slim, and good product isn't enough. Building a 360 lifestyle is key to growth, customer acquisition & retention
  3. How authenticity and storytelling is critical for separating from competitors and building a lasting and profitable company.


  • Lindsay Bartlett, Cannabis Journalist, Forbes, Forbes
  • Sebastian Solano, Co-Founder, CEO, Jeeter
  • Lukasz Traksz, CEO and Co-Founder, Jeeter
  • Ricky Williams, CEO and Founder, Highsman


Amanda Brocato, EVP, Corporate Strategies & Live Events, RMG

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  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Cannabis
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