SXSW 2023

Psychedelic Potential: Technology and Conciousness


Marshall McLuhan famously said "All media is an extension of man". For example, the telescope is an extension of the eye. The internet is an extension of the central nervous system. But what tool or technology might be the extension of human conciousness itself? This panel will attempt to discover if the merging of psychedelics and technology might be one powerful way for human beings to extend conciousness. To be more conscience. To see problems and solutions with more creativity and innovation. And to deepen our connections to each other and to that which we call Spirit or God or Nature. The worlds leading experts working on virtual reality technology, psychedelic treatments, and psychedelic ceremonies will engage in a discussion together and try to unlock epic insights on the topic.

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  1. Should technology and psychedelics merge to extend the conciousness of humanity so that people can immerse themselves into this new and ancient media?
  2. How can technology and psychedelics unlesh the innovation and creativity of humanity with greater speed and clarity than ever before?
  3. What of humanities greatest problems might be addressed and solved using technology and psychedelic modalities?



Andrew DeAngelo, President, Andrew DeAngelo Consulting LLC

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  • Event: SXSW
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