SXSW 2023

The Secret Steps for Optimized TikTok Success


This panel will be an engaging series of clear, actionable steps for artists, managers and operations professionals on optimizing their delivery processes to platforms, with a special emphasis on TikTok. Metadata at first glance comes across as a boring, yet necessary step on the way to delivering your music and content to a distributor, but utilizing these steps to optimize your metadata and operations practiced for the stores can have a serious impact on how your music is displayed and how it performs. On this panel we will use a tenured group of operations and distribution professionals to share rare insight on optimizing your content delivery systems from the inside, out.

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  1. Start with the basics, end with the specifics: Make sure you have all your basic info as correct as possible, then start to get into the details.
  2. Be deliberate about your choices: Consider how your audience will use the services that you feel are most impactful and plan accordingly.
  3. Familiarize yourself with all the features your distributor offers that you want to utilize and think about the services that are your top priorities.



Patrick Ames Conner, Communications & Brand Manager, Downtown Music Services

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