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An Effective Health Ecosystem for Consumers & Docs


Many shortcomings in U.S. health system can be traced to much of it being designed for a different era that did not prioritize consumer value or preferences. Facilities, care delivery, incentives/payment, business models and assumptions, policy/regulatory frameworks — through the eyes of today’s consumer, the most consistent takeaway is “This must change.” That’s the journey Highmark Health is on. Its Living Health model is about challenging ourselves to step away from what already exists to design a sustainable health ecosystem around consumer needs and expectations, so that the end-to-end health experience is simpler, proactive, and highly personalized, while keeping up with ongoing technological and medical advances, shifting market and regulatory forces, and broader societal changes.

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  1. Technology alone is not the solution – to be successful, we must consider patients holistically and provide a personalized, user-friendly experience
  2. Engagement is the key to success – a genuine focus on retaining engagement through the platform versus through external pushes (marketing).
  3. Shared vision and risk-sharing – partners must share common goals and the risk of outcomes and quality improvements.



Lynn Seay, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Highmark Health

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