The New Narrative of Economic Mobility


The great resignation. A looming economic crisis. Now is the moment to rethink the way we meet the needs of workers, employers, educators and learners. How do we build a future of work where everyone can thrive? What would it look like to change the underlying mental models and narrative around economic mobility in the U.S. to advance true systems change? Hear from leaders co-designing and coalition-building across public and private sectors to create a new system of opportunity in America.

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  1. Understand the state of equity in economic mobility in the U.S. and key workforce trends, opportunities and challenges.
  2. Explore underlying mental models and narratives around skills gaps, career-based education and alternative pathways and where we’re seeing shifts.
  3. Learn strategies for co-designing workforce programs guided by insights of underinvested workers and connected to real-time labor market conditions.



Abby Marquand, Partner, New Profit

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