SXSW 2023

The Music Industry’s Two Promises to Artists


The music business is built on two central promises to artists: the promise to cultivate them in their creative work, and the promise to pay them for this work accurately and on time.
The creative side of the business—the amazing artists, A&R, art direction, and marketing that fans and colleagues see and appreciate—has been and should continue to be front and center, while the side that works regularly and methodically to ensure royalties are collected and distributed fully and accurately has risen in importance in the streaming era.
On this panel, the audience will hear from industry leaders on both the artist development and royalty processing sides and explore industry best practices for serving artists, from their initial discovery to their long-term financial success.

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  1. The promise to not only develop artists’ creativity, but also to pay them accurately and on time
  2. Where the royalties discussion lies in the creative and project management process
  3. The data reporting needs of artists and their collaborators to ensure payment and the legal steps that ensure all parties are informed and protected



Emily Morrone, Publicist, rock paper scissors

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