SXSW 2023

Strategic Workforce Planning in Hyper-Disruption


If a dam leaks, there are only so many times you can plug the holes before the entire structure fails. It’s often better to do a deeper assessment and rebuild the dam with a new approach. Capability gaps caused by COVID, resignations, inflation & more impact all industries. The priority of workforce issues, such as talent retention, hiring and upskilling/reskilling is rising in importance to CEOs more than ever. In this session, a people insights leader from HR tech firm Explorance will share actionable lessons from real-world challenges & opportunities facing businesses today. Often, labor & skill gap challenges can be assessed by data & feedback that companies are already collecting. The key is knowing how to find and act upon useful needles in the haystack.

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  1. Actionable tips & real-world examples of how companies identified & addressed workforce challenges & calculated net benefits to their organizations
  2. Proven methods on listening to employees throughout their career journeys and solving for labor & skill gaps
  3. Ways to enact holistic change within an organization that impacts the entire workforce, while avoiding narrower, ineffective point-solution approaches


  • Shawn Overcast, Chief Insights Officer, Explorance


Jon Stone, Vice President, Finn Partners

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  • Event: SXSW
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