How to Use EdTech to Boost Student Belonging


Amid a rapid transition to tech-enabled and hybrid learning in higher ed, building belonging among students has emerged as a pressing need to ensure student success. But how can EdTech be used to address this need? In this panel, higher ed leaders and EdTech founders will discuss collaborative research demonstrating how EdTech boosts belonging, and share strategies for designing and implementing EdTech that students will use.

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  1. Understand the trade-off of social connection and learning flexibility that has emerged in higher education.
  2. Learn about the latest research on how EdTech can effectively increase student belonging in higher education.
  3. Gain practical advice for how to implement and evaluate belonging-focused EdTech at your institution.



Christina Ross, Lead Communications Representative, WGU Labs

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  • Tags: implementation, edtech
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Emerging Tech
  • Session Focus Area Higher Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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