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Sex Work to Cornrows: It's Not Unprofessional


On July 7, 2022 Arielle Egozi posted “sex work” as a work experience on her LinkedIn. It went viral on the platform and across world news, sparking global debate about what is considered “professional” for a professional platform.

On the heels of the Great Resignation, this session will explore and unpack what “professionalism” really means, why code-switching and assimilation is bad for mental health and for business, and how creating work environments that are inclusive and celebratory of all identities is not only the future, but is the right now.

“Disempowering, traumatizing, objectifying” — these words are often used to describe sex work, but it's the traditional workplace that creates that environment for anyone that isn't a straight white cis man.

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  1. Defining professionalism by anything other than the ability to do a job well done is not only colonizing, but antiquated.
  2. Respectability politics creates workplace tension, employee burnout, and major turnover.
  3. What's necessary to create work environments that celebrate the creativity of its people, with real-world examples.


  • Arielle Egozi, Brand Advisor/Creative Director, self
  • Pabel Martinez, CEO, Plurawl
  • Rachel Lowenstein, Global Head of Inclusive Innovation, Mind Share
  • Chloe Freeman, Founder, CEO, For Them


Arielle Egozi, brand advisor/creative director, SELF

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