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DE&I is the Afterthought of the Corporate World


While many companies have committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, few have the know-how or resources to fully execute a comprehensive plan and vision. In the interim period until a full-time Chief Diversity Officer and supporting staff are hired, DE&I efforts can be spearheaded via a grassroots approach. We want to share the path that we took at Ottobock in creating and developing our DE&I Council to be the resource for others that we did not have during this process. Learn from our successes, failures, and how we overcame many obstacles in our journey so that you will leave our session with a clear roadmap of how you can develop your own DE&I Council.

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  1. Roadmap for creating a DE&I Council at your organization, including creating a sustainable structure and key initiatives
  2. How to manage growing pains and difficult conversations around DE&I
  3. Strategies to gain, maintain, and leverage executive support for DE&I initiatives


  • Nina Bondre, Clinical Education Specialist; President of DE&I Council, Ottobock Healthcare
  • Austin McKenzie, Senior Supply Chain Analyst; Executive Financial Officer for DE&I Council, Ottobock Healthcare


Nina Bondre, Clinical Education Specialist, Ottobock HealthCare

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