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How To Scale Mentorship


When it comes to learning business, marketing, or social medial, online courses aren't working. Most people don't complete their course and even if they do, they don't put what they learned into action. Coaching and mentorship works because there's accountability in taking action, but they're not scalable. I wanted to find a way to scale mentorship and make it accessible to students all over the world. I learned that only way I can do this is through community.

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  1. Learning online without practice doesn't work. It's like learning a language online and expecting to be fluent in it.
  2. You need 2 things: practice + answers when you get stuck. Community provides both the accountability and the answers.
  3. Key to success is to get smaller you scale bigger. There are no accountability or community being built in large groups. Form small groups.



Sun Yi, Founder/Creative Director, Night Owls

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