Verifying Qualified Candidates: Proof of Skills


There are 11.4M open jobs in the US and 80% of HR leaders say they can’t find candidates to fill their open positions. While employers want to embrace skills-based hiring, many are looking to understand how to assess skills. If not a degree, what signals of quality will ensure that future employees are workforce ready? Join our panelists to hear what it would take to validate the mastery of skills coming out of HS for employment and shift the narrative on what to look for when evaluating skills.

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  1. Understand the dilemma of assessing non-degree skills as a signal for quality in the workforce
  2. Join the conversation on how to change the narrative on assessing non-degree programs to show proof of skills for employers
  3. Explore how current technologies and practices can help young people prove mastery of skills to employers



Judy Goldstein, SVP PR Comm and Planning, American Student Assistance

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