SXSW 2023

Which Political Party Will Legalize Weed?


Both political parties have proposals in Congress to end federal cannabis prohibition. The Democrats have traditionally supported legalization more than the GOP but have not been able to get the job done while in power. The GOP may have a better framework for legalization than the Democrats. This session allows the representatives from both parties to have a civil and engaged debate moderated by one of the cannabis industries leading figures. The moderator will pull no punches and will favor neither party but will provide the perspective of someone who has been successful in both the legacy and legal market for cannabis in the United States. There will be only one shot at ending federal prohibition and it is important to get the public policy right the first time.

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  1. A clear understanding of where both political parties stand on cannabis decriminalization/legalization at the federal level and what good policy is.
  2. What political obstacles still exist for ending federal cannabis prohibition within each party.
  3. How to avoid the same mistakes at federal level made by states like California that have failed to enact effective legalization policies.



Andrew DeAngelo, President, Andrew DeAngelo Consulting LLC

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