SXSW 2023

When Doctors Prescribe Misinformation


Do right and wrong answers still exist in medicine? Social platforms struggle to make policies about users losing platform privileges when spreading harmful misinformation. But what about the role of medical institutions in determining whether doctors who are spreading false medical information should face disciplinary action based on the harm to patients? Richard Baron and Wasim Khaled unpack the role of institutions in tackling medical misinformation and how to think about measuring harm.

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  1. Crowd-endorsed “facts” pose a challenge for medical institutions that are designed to ensure the public can tell who can or cannot be trusted.
  2. To combat false medical information, institutions need to take action against those who provide false or inaccurate information to the public.
  3. New AI tools can help to visualize and understand the spread of misinformation and disinformation, providing powerful insights to their impact.



Peter Carson, Managing Director, Powell Tate | Weber Shandwick

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