SXSW 2023

Connection vs. Capitalism


After years of relying on digital to stay connected during the pandemic, Millennials and GenZ are craving more ‘IRL’ connection and experiences. Their priorities have shifted — 85% said our current system of capitalism and materialism is unfulfilling, and 88% reported they trust their instincts over institutions. These cultural shifts represent a decentralized frontier for brands and companies looking to form meaningful connections with a new generational mindset focused on equity, community, and multiculturalism. We will go to the heart of this conversation, sharing the results of a new custom study of GenZs and Millennials unveiled exclusively at SXSW, to uncover how the future of community and human connection is evolving and changing how people engage with the world around them.

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  1. Understand the ways in which Millennials and GenZs will pivot their spending power to support their values.
  2. Get ahead of an evolving definition of community and how these groups are actively finding others they connect with.
  3. Dive into a new take on the term ‘multiculturalism’ and why it may just be an outdated term.


  • Angela Seits, Head of Strategic Planning & Insights, PMG
  • Shelina Taki, Director, Strategic Planning & Insights, PMG
  • Jason Wagenheim, President & Chief Revenue Officer, BDG
  • Tiffany Reid, Senior Vice President, Fashion, BDG


David Gong, Marketing Director, PMG

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