Tools of Creation: Equipping Authors of the Future


What if we could provide kids with the opportunity to find out what it looks like from the other side of the screen? Actually, we can. Gen Alpha will learn about a non-digital world through books and live fully connected lives, but are we tapping into what ICT and the multiple digital literacies have to offer? We believe we can do better and design opportunities for kids to explore their potential with customized and adaptive tools and incorporate portfolio assessment in their learning journey.

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  1. The audience will be able to reflect upon the impact of ICT in Education, the role of digital literacies and their importance in tackling inequality.
  2. The audience will be able to evaluate their own students’ needs and what tools could boost their autonomy and creativity.
  3. The audience will be able to reflect on the relevance of portfolio assessment as a means to evaluate different competencies and make learning visible.



Mariana Buarque, Branding Specialist, Edify Education

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