SXSW 2023

Decentralized Financial Rewards for Music


At the start of the www, companies created stagnant websites. Users of the internet were only able to consume what others decided to publish to the web. Then came the web2 evolution where the web consumers became the content creators who generated billions of dollars for the platforms that they published on. Now with the advances of the decentralized web, content creators and consumers can profit from each other. This enables the artists to profit from viral content and from fans to create content from their favorite artists and generate income. Web3 opens up to a mutually beneficial relationship between artists and fans. That added value is easily priced in, measured and attributed to those who help build that value - not only to the platform that enabled the activity.

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  1. Web3 opens a mutually beneficial relationship between artists and fans - Engagement on any level can lead to activity that drives value to creators
  2. Financial value of the music supply chain will allow the community of fans and musicians to determine how to leverage the revenue they create together
  3. Decommoditizing music assets makes it possible for fans to own portions of an artist’s song



Leila Grossman, Senior Publicist, rock paper scissors, inc.

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