SXSW 2023

The (Data) Science of Moneyballing Motorsports


The recent rise of Formula 1's popularity through Netflix's "Drive to Survive", plus the addition of new racing events in the USA, has quickly turned motorsports mainstream. However, despite having vast amounts of data available, racing has fallen behind traditional stick-and-ball sports at leveraging the power of AI to analyze, predict, and adapt. Scientists have recently begun to explore ways to "moneyball" motorsports, in a movement that will radically transform the field, allowing teams to uncover talent in more unbiased ways, revolutionize in-race strategies, speed up car design, and create new ways for broadcasters to interact with the public. In this panel, world renowned racing leaders and data scientists will discuss how AI will upend the way we think about racing in the future.

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  1. Data-driven analytics will reduce industry biases at evaluating drivers, thus lowering entry barriers for underrepresented or underrated individuals
  2. The use of data-driven analytics in motorsports to objectively measure drivers’ talent and skills is lagging because of the complex nature of racing
  3. We'll likely see a tidal wave of data analytics in motorsports, since any small competitive advantage in racing can have a large impact in outcomes



Felipe Parages, Principal Scientist, Valkyrie

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