SXSW 2023

Gender Discrepancies for Surgeons


The marginalization of female rights, gender discrepancies in the workplace and the need to amplify the female voice have been pervasive in the press. Related to healthcare, everyone in the audience has been touched as a patient within the system and the need to improve the experience. This session looks behind the mask at the female physicians, specifically the surgeons that serve us and the challenges they have to provide this better patient care to all of us.

Some of the primary ways that healthcare hasn’t sped up to meet women’s needs in the OR and profession include: Gender discrepancies in the way female surgeons are perceived in the OR environment vs. their male counterparts.

Surgical tools not being made for a woman’s smaller hand.

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  1. In order to take care of patients, we first need to take care of the surgeons so they can truly operate effectively.
  2. Female surgeons need to amplify their voice related to gender discrepancies in their work environment. The key stakeholders must band together.
  3. There are solutions to reducing the gender discrepancy gap in surgery: Platforms to amplify the voices of female surgeons/Changes in policy/etc.



Diana Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, MOLLI Surgical

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