SXSW 2023

The Tidal Wave of Music Creation Has Just Begun


Technology is rapidly lowering the barriers of creative accessibility. As reported in July 2022, an estimated 84% of the global population are smartphone users. With the continued growth of cross-platform music making tools, that percentage represents roughly 6.68 billion potential musicians with a bevy of tools readily available. Free music creation tools provide creative exploration without economic buy-in. With access to a cell phone and the internet, music making is no longer confined by access to financial resources, geographic networking opportunities, or expensive starting capital. How will this onslaught of new musicians change the music making game? Can technological access shift the music industry into a more global, equitable experience?

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  1. Express the importance of accessible creation tools and how it is leading the next tidal wave of music creation
  2. Evaluate and predict where the music industry is headed due to the onslaught of new musicians
  3. Share how communities are being inspired and impacted from the tidal wave of music creation



Peyton Womock, Publicist, Rock Paper Scissors

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  • Event: SXSW
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