Creative Solutions to the Rural Health Care Crisis


Rural communities are losing access to quality health care. Creative public-private partnerships can produce innovative solutions that eliminate barriers, create jobs and provide desperately-needed care to patients who are oftentimes most vulnerable. This discussion will highlight how private, non-profit and public sectors can work together to meet the economic and health care needs of our rural communities.

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  1. Learn how to identify potential partners for successful initiatives that share information and pools resources
  2. Gain practical advice for how to identify realistic solutions that are win-win solutions that drive results
  3. Learn from national leaders how to blend expertise from the public-private and non-profit sectors avoiding the pitfalls that often doom projects.



Matt Griffin, Sr. Manager, External Communications, WGU Labs

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  • Tags: partnerships, online education
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Policy & Civic Engagement
  • Session Focus Area Higher Education
  • Level: Field Experience

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