SXSW 2023

A Digital Paradigm Shift: Women’s Health at Work


Women’s health and wellbeing at work can no longer be an afterthought. Modest improvements in maternity policies do not suffice. This goes beyond the reproductive realm. New data finds 1 in 5 women in menopause consider quitting the workforce, often at the apex of their careers. Given the recent exodus of working women, our society must ensure women are supported, healthy, and remain employed across their lifespan.

Join us for a revealing discussion with the digital health founders of Cleo and Elektra Health who are providing employers solutions that benefit working women & families. They’re joined by the former head of HR at Reddit & investor at 776. As operators, investors, and moms, they’re answering the clarion call to redefine health and wellbeing and the future of work for women.

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  1. Data show women who feel supported when navigating life changes like pregnancy, return to work & menopause are healthier & more productive employees.
  2. But what does “support” really mean? We break it down, and show how these evidence-based outcomes can transform our modern workforce at scale.
  3. Women look to their companies here to help, and GenX and Millenial women embrace tech-enabled solutions for these too-often overlooked challenges.



Cleo Stiller, Communication Director, Elektra Health

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