SXSW 2023

NFTs Evolve: Fan Passports to Unlocked Benefits


Founders of innovative companies in the web3 space (and one who is purposefully keeping her fan solutions in web2 for now) will discuss the importance of giving fans an experience worth remembering, something they can both treasure and find real, tangible value in. The industry has gone beyond simply minting famous JPEGS from the internet for massive profits. If NFTs are going to rebound and find their footing in the wider industry, they'll have to offer something to fans they both want and could never get without it. NFTs will need to act as the passport for fans to arrive at these exclusive opportunities. Content developers, label managers, and independent creators will learn how to latch onto the communal aspect of a shared music experience.

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  1. NFTs are the fan’s passport to unlock benefits and access never-before-seen opportunities that combine virtual and real-world experiences
  2. NFTs as a gamified approach to build the fan’s credibility, social status, and rank to earn verified rewards
  3. NFTs establish the fan’s role as active participants that open create-to-earn opportunities with the artist



Jonathan Streetman, Sr PR Strategist, Rock Paper Scissors

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