SXSW 2023

Making Electric Mobility Practical for All


Today, road vehicles generate around 27% of US CO2 emissions, so it’s no surprise that most conversations about the environment stress the importance of going electric. However, electric vehicles are not accessible for everyone—the average cost to purchase an electric car has risen 25% percent over the last year. Meanwhile, electric ride-hailing and micromobility options like scooters have been left out of the conversation, and charging infrastructure is unable to offer drivers the freedom to go where they please. Founders from Shift, Indigo Technologies, and Veo will discuss the challenges to bringing EVs to the masses, and how, by combining different types of affordable mobility, we can make sustainable transportation accessible to all.

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  1. Understand the challenges to making EVs accessible, and how we can bring electric vehicles to more people with a holistic approach.
  2. Hear how making EVs more affordable—by offering pre-owned EVs and democratized financing.
  3. Discover how electric fleets and electric micromobility provide more accessibility to travel as far as you want, when you want, more sustainably.



Annalycia Escobar, Coordinator, credPR

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