SXSW 2023

Looking to Our Ocean for Climate Solutions


As greenhouse gasses warm our planet, our ocean plays a significant role in regulating heat and absorbing carbon dioxide - absorbing a third of the carbon and more than 90% of the extra heat we add to our atmosphere. There are consequences to this, as scientists track warming temperatures, depleting oxygen zones, a more acidic ocean, and rising sea levels. The ocean can also be a potential solution if we can leverage the ocean’s existing ability to remove carbon dioxide. In this panel, leading ocean experts will discuss the ocean’s role in climate, the potential for ocean-based carbon dioxide removal, and a code of conduct for CO2 removal that could maximize collective societal and environmental benefit for our ocean planet.

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  1. How the ocean has so far shielded society from more extreme effects of climate change, and the consequences of that role
  2. An overview of the ocean-based carbon dioxide removal strategies being proposed, and potential benefits and consequences
  3. The guidelines and ethical framework that should make up a code of conduct for responsible ocean-based carbon removal research



Lauren Fimbres Wood, Director of Strategic Communications, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego

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