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Reducing the Toughest Emissions


We are halfway through the commitment period of the UN SDGs – but there’s a long way to go to decarbonize industry today, not tomorrow. Blue hydrogen, reducing aviation fuel emissions, and carbon capture for the steel, cement, and power generation industries need to happen now. Honeywell’s solutions pave the way for a lower carbon economy through processes and technologies that capture carbon, improve energy storage, and convert renewable feedstocks into cleaner-burning fuels. These panelists will take a cross industrial approach to the actionable steps that will reduce heavy industry’s emissions today. This panel will focus on understanding the promises and limitations current technologies provide and the necessary changes to successfully incorporate them.

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  1. The existing options to decarbonize heavy industry now, not tomorrow (blue hydrogen and carbon capture for steel, cement, power generation industries)
  2. The promises and limitations of batteries, and necessary changes (long-duration battery energy storage to generate power/capturing renewable energy)
  3. The role of sustainable aviation fuel and scaling up with ethanol-to-jet fuel and biomass sources like algae and even used cooking oil.


  • Vimal Kapur, President and CEO of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, Honeywell
  • Barry Glickman, General Manager of Honeywell's Sustainable Technology Solutions, Honeywell
  • Ujjwal Kumar, President of Honeywell Process Solutions, Honeywell


Rose Rankin, Vice President, Finn Partners

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