SXSW 2023

Diving in Fleet First to Unlock Electrification


Americans are increasingly choosing to buy electric vehicles. But what about fleets? Fleet vehicles meet the demands of our growing population, but in doing so, have an outsized contribution to emissions compared to the number of vehicles on the road. This disproportionately burdens disadvantaged communities, worsening air quality, and harming the health of our most vulnerable citizens. With smart policies and incentives, electric fleets would reduce emissions, increase clean power use, and augment the grid - but the path to full fleet electrification won’t be easy. Join experts in fleet electrification for a discussion on why fleets must electrify now, how they can benefit the grid, air quality, and environmental justice efforts, as well as the steps policymakers can take to get us there.

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  1. Fleet vehicles are ready to electrify now because of their predictable routes and mileage
  2. Fleet vehicles will make large strides in reducing emissions and meeting our decarbonization goals
  3. Electric fleet vehicles will improve grid resilience and increase the use of clean electricity



Kelly Fleming, Vice President, Boundary Stone Partners

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