Why Me Power is the New Way to Think About Empower


What if we were to reimagine how we "empower" educators? In three decades of research, empowering leaders have been shown to create positive outcomes. For too long, we've been held back by traditional definitions of empowerment, which denote giving away power or authority. Our expert panel will share insights from P-12, higher education, and workforce development. Join us in our quest to modernize the definition of “empower” and explore new methods for multiplying our collective impact.

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  1. Identify the five principles of Me Power with concrete applications for P-12 classrooms, college, graduate school, and workforce development contexts.
  2. Contrast traditional definitions of "empower" with a new definition, which presents a major mindset barrier to empowerment.
  3. Create a Me Power Profile to establish your current baseline level of empowerment and personalize the concepts discussed in this session.



LaNysha Adams, Principal Consultant, Edlinguist Solutions LLC

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