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Approachable, Accessible & Intuitive Music-Making


With music-making tools cheaper and more readily available than ever before, everyone has the power to be a creator. Artists do not always need access to a studio, nor do they need to be in person together as a band to be able to record music. To truly ensure everyone from music hobbyists to industry veterans have access to music making, we need to eliminate physical, educational and financial barriers, with accessibility considerations front and center. By designing tools to be accessible, intuitive and approachable, music technology developers can empower people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels to be creative.

This panel will explore how music tech tools can eliminate barriers to accessible music education and music-making and foster a more inclusive music community.

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  1. Simplifying or changing the usual music-making processes encourages artists to abandon systematic thinking, leading to the discovery of new sounds.
  2. Developing creator tools to be intuitive and approachable empowers music makers, addressing gaps in deep education or access to the complex tools.
  3. The pandemic laid bare accessibility issues that are here to stay, issues that invite solutions from music tech experts.


  • Russell Gavin, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, JackTrip Labs
  • Adam McHeffey, Chief Marketing Officer, Artiphon


Anna Barnett, Publicist, rock paper scissors, inc.

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  • Event: SXSW
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