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Snoop, Martha, and the New Blend of Wine Consumers


Wine has a reputation for needing a matured palate to fully appreciate. But why, with older millennials turning 40, is wine’s popularity continuing to decline? How does the wine industry compete with spirits, craft beer and hard seltzers to reach a diverse and younger (over 21) audience? By partnering with pop culture icons Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart and leaning into trendier blends, 19 Crimes has reinvented the wine industry’s appeal to younger consumers. Snoop’s Cali Red achieved the number one single selling wine in pacesetter history and is bringing new consumers at an unparalleled rate. Join 19 Crimes, Observatory, and Snoop Dogg’s agent, Nick Adler, as they discuss how to attract new consumers despite radically changing consumers attitudes toward alcohol preferences.

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  1. Use technology and innovation to reach new audiences. Do what has not been done before for your brand. Talking wine bottles? Genius.
  2. Throw away old ways of thinking about your industry. Wine is not just for the elder, upper-class. Take on a new brand persona and reach new people.
  3. Make celebrities part of your brand. Incorporate a celebrity's name and image into your brand for endorsement and to reach into their audience.



Madison McGuire, Account Executive, Sweat + Co

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