SXSW 2023

Organic Qubits: Quantum Computing Through Nature


Mother nature is the most powerful computer in the universe. Think about it - atoms, ions, and photons are all part of nature. Specifically, these quantum particles are among nature’s building blocks. In large numbers, they act in a macroscopic fashion; when isolated and possibly cooled down close to absolute zero, their quantum nature can be harnessed for computing and sensing. During this session, we will unlock the advantages of harnessing the fundamental particles of the universe to help solve some of society’s most challenging problems via quantum technology.

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  1. Gather information on the different methods of quantum computing using natural, non-manufactured qubits.
  2. Learn how quantum technologies will become smaller, less expensive, and more ubiquitous in our lives.
  3. Recognize the important role quantum technology will play in driving social and economic benefits at a scale we have never experienced before.


  • Emily Creedon, Growth Lead - Supervisor, ColdQuanta
  • Jennifer Strabley, Sr. Director, Offering , Product and Program Management, Quantinuum
  • Prineha Narang, Assistant Professor, Harvard
  • Hannah Sage, Technical Marketer, Classiq


Statyn Coppage, Account Executive, Finn Partners / ColdQuanta

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