SXSW 2023

VR in Psychedelic Therapy: A Friend or a Foe?


A panel of experts, consisting of Walter Greenleaf, Skip Rizzo, Murat Yucel and Agnieszka Sekula, will discuss synergistic applications of VR and psychedelic therapy. The focus of the panel is on experiential parallels in treatments that use psychedelics and VR, what this combination can teach us about consciousness and the potential applications of VR in PP. Panelists will critically explore how experience design can improve treatment efficacy and enable a more efficient allocation of resources thus lowering the cost of care. The panel will discuss major roadblocks and limitations of VR and the next steps in exploring the potential of technology in strengthening the psychedelic frameworks. We will look together at what the future holds for VR and immersive tech.

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  1. Prof Greenleaf’s will emphasize application of VR and digital health tech to address difficult problems in applying psychedelic treatment in medicine
  2. Prof Yucel will discuss the world’s first clinical trial on the use of VR exposure therapy enhanced with psychedelics for severe anxiety disorders
  3. Miss Sekula will present results of the world’s first case study on synergistic use of the novel AnchoringVR™ mechanism combined with psychedelics



Agnieszka Sekula, Co-founder, Enosis Therapeutics

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