SXSW 2023

The Future of Climate Coverage is Solutions-Based


We are missing a key part of the climate crisis story: Solutions. Around the world, people are already working to make communities more resilient, sustainable, and equitable. The problem is, you're not hearing enough of these stories. By mainly focusing on the problems associated with climate change, mainstream media outlets are feeding into "climate doomerism." By choosing to prioritize solutions, journalists can equip their readers with the knowledge they need to engage with global warming productively in their communities. In this panel, we discuss what it means to cover climate solutions, the challenges in bringing solutions journalism to every community, and what it will take to make journalism a tool that helps people participate in solving the challenges they see around them.

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  1. Exciting, impactful solutions to building more resilient communities already exist. We explain how they need to be implemented, replicated, or scaled.
  2. Solutions journalism, and a focus on justice and equity, helps make climate coverage a tool to inform and engage with rather than simply scare.
  3. This kind of journalism exists already. We explain where it can be found. If the coverage you’re reading isn’t helping you engage, you have options.



Elka Karl, Communications Consultant, Dadascope Communications

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