SXSW 2023

The Future of Play: New Platforms, Games and Tech


The Future of Play brings together 3 of the most influential people in gaming today to talk through what the future of gaming will look like. What are platforms we will play on? With the explosion of smaller studios what kinds of games are being built and how are they different than the games we play today? How will the metaverse and crypto effect the types of games we will see?

Gaming will continue to take share from TV and social media and we also want to cover what principles should be in place to create fair, equitable, and healthy spaces.

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  1. How will the next generation of games be different then what we've experienced in the past?
  2. What technologies and platforms are hype and which ones are legit? (exploration of VR/AR, web3, multiplayer, games as a service, and streaming)
  3. A view on the important pillars that need to be in place to ensure a safe gaming ecosystem, contrast to the current incentives around social media.



Eden Chen, CEO, Pragma Platform

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  • Event: SXSW
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