SXSW 2023

What Gen-Zs Want In Your Brand


Everybody wants in on Gen-Z. From influencers to TikTok, every brand is fighting for Gen-Z's attention. But what about Gen-Z? What do they want from your brand? While everyone else is infatuated by short-term trends, we're here to divulge into the long-term values that drive our generation and what that means for your brand: how can brands navigate the Gen-Z anti-capitalism era? What does the Gen-Z "disconnect movement" mean for brands? What does it mean to evolve with the next generation? Get an unfiltered, raw Gen-Z perspective on the brand landscape and how you can go from chasing Gen-Z, to attracting them.

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  1. The current state of brands vs. what Gen-Zs want in a brand.
  2. How to cultivate a two-way relationship with Gen-Z.
  3. Key cultural shifts every brand needs to know to capture Gen-Z.



Gia Lee, Co-Founder, NinetyEight

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  • Event: SXSW
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