SXSW 2023

Traditional & New Income Streams for Indie Artists


The music industry is ever-changing, and now more than ever, capitalizing on several different income streams makes bringing home a full-time income solely from music an attainable goal for independent artists. This panel will discuss the three eras of artist income — pre-digital income (physical and sync), digital income (streaming, download, and micro sync), and web3 income (NFTs, crypto, and metaverse licenses) — and the associated income opportunities that exist today and that artists can tap into to diversify their revenue streams.

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  1. How artists can collect all their music royalties (physical, streaming, download, performance, mechanical, etc.)
  2. What artists can do to tap into the increasingly profitable world of sync licensing in an era of streaming TV boom
  3. How artists can utilize NFTs as sources of revenue in the long term as opposed to selling one-time digital collectibles



Zeynep Yasar, Campaign Manager, rock paper scissors

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