Navigating Financial Wellness with Student Debt


With millions of Americans in debt, financial trauma is ingrained in our nation. Many student loan borrowers feel they’ll never get out from under their debt, and will therefore never be able to have the things they want in life. Focusing on financial wellbeing and actionable advice on managing student debt held by 45 million, this panel will discuss the anxiety that comes with this uniquely American problem and pathways to creating a better financial future.

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  1. 45 million Americans have student debt and +130 million Americans can’t cover an unexpected $400 expense; financial trauma is ingrained in society.
  2. Trauma of Money discusses healing collective and individual traumas to create financial safety and wellbeing.
  3. Understanding the student loan process and how to use tools and resources for forgiveness and faster repayment.



Alyssa Merti, PR Associate, The Brand Guild

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  • Tags: wellness, mental health
  • Event: EDU
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  • Track: Health & Wellbeing
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