Fostering the Next Generation of Storytellers


Emmy award winning producer Nicole Hendrix and talent representative/animation executive Alison Mann both of BRIC Foundation join costume concept artist Phillip Boutté Jr of 9B Collective, to share their journeys of overcoming adversity in school and how they were able to identify what they thought was a weakness as a superpower that allowed them to be successful today. They will do a deep dive on how to understand and support the next generation of creative leaders in and out of the classroom.

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  1. Participants will learn how personal experiences and hardships can shape an individual's education and career.
  2. Participants will learn ways to understand and support artistically-minded students in the classroom.
  3. Participants will learn ways to add visualization to their classrooms.



Margaret Heck, Account Executive, KEH Communications

Meta Information:

  • Tags: career, storytelling
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Talk
  • Track: Arts & Storytelling
  • Session Focus Area K-12 Education
  • Level: Basic Understanding

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