SXSW 2023

Can the Union of Equity and Tech Save Cannabis?


The cannabis industry has long seen its growth and accessibility stymied by federal prohibition and social stigma—particularly through the disproportionate penalties for production, possession and consumption of cannabis by minorities. Those same factors continue to limit the willingness of the tech industry to improve the accessibility of the cannabis sector through the sort of web-based solutions that have transformed numerous other sectors. This session will identify the pain points in the cannabis industry that could be resolved through equity-based tech solutions, with actionable takeaways cannabis and tech companies alike can implement today to drive forward momentum in both industries.

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  1. Identify opportunities to improve social equity in cannabis through tech tools, from crypto to e-commerce to social media and user generated content.
  2. Exploring how the cannabis industry can learn from the way the music industry and other fields have become more democratized through digital tools.
  3. Digital marketplaces have the potential for truly equitable accessibility in a way brick and mortar does not—but only if embedded into the ecosystem.


  • Vince Ning, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Nabis
  • Michelle Mendoza, VP of Innovation, Sweet Flower
  • Steven Jung, Chief Operating Officer, Pax
  • Tanisha Robinson, Chief Transformation Officer, The Parent Company


Molly Sposato, Account Coordinator, Grasslands

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